With a collective 16 years of experience in tax preparation, our team is well equipped to assist you in getting the best tax outcome possible. This can include mid-year tax planning, RRSP contributions and suggestions for small business owners. In addition, our continual effort to stay current with government standards and changes ensure that your return will be prepared accurately the first time.

Estate Tax returns

After someone passes away there can be many confusing steps that must be completed. However, there are things that you can do to minimize the headaches and amount of taxes the estate must pay. This is a conversation best discussed with your financial team, including your Lawyer or Notary, Financial Adviser, and Tax Planner, as well as family members early on.

We will work with you and your financial planner in this area and can provide clear direction in what you need to do next.


A bookkeeper’s job is to keep accurate records of a business spending and income, keep up to date with government standards, and prepare government filings in a timely matter.

We provide partial or full bookkeeping services for companies of any size, small or large, on a variety of bookkeeping platforms. Our staff includes a designated financial advisor, certified professional bookkeeper, Simply Accounting ProAdvisor and Quickbooks ProAdvisor.

Business set-up and Consultation

Setting up or expanding a business can be an overwhelming task. It can be difficult to know what is most advantageous for your business and what steps are necessary to achieve success.

We offer business set up and consultations for a variety of business ventures. Services include:

  • Business Name registration
  • Bookkeeping system set-up
  • GST and PST account set-up
  • Payroll set-up
  • WorkSafe BC enrollment

Goods and Services Tax (GST) and Provincial Sale Tax (PST) Filing

Businesses that provide certain services or products are required to file GST and PST regularly. How much is owed to the government is dependent on how much of the business has earned and how much it has spent, hence the necessity for bookkeeping.

As your bookkeeper we track, calculate and file GST and PST returns for your business monthly, quarterly or annually.


Tracking and calculating payroll can be tricky. Each company with employees is required to calculate and pay monthly or quarterly source deductions; this is the taxes withheld from an employees paycheque for government taxes. Employers are also required to file Record of Employment’s (ROE) for any inactive employees.

We can prepare and complete payrolls for businesses of any type and size, whether employees are paid via cheque, direct deposit, or e-transfer, can calculate monthly or quarterly source deductions and file employee ROE’s. 

WorkSafe BC Filing

Certain businesses are required to file WCB reports monthly, quarterly, or annually. The rate and amount due is dependent on a business services or products, number of employees, and payroll paid or subcontractor rate. 

We can calculate, file, and complete WCB returns for businesses of any type or size.

Government correspondence

Dealing with the Government can a stressful event, especially if you don’t understand what the true problem is or the terminology the agents are using.

Our team has a collective 18 years of experience in corresponding with the government for a variety of tax and business reasons on clients’ behalf. In addition, we have experience dealing with many different tax audits and are proficient in handling pre and post assessment reviews.